Monday, March 23, 2009

Englacha Toddler Step for strollers

I had an dilemma when I got pregnant with my second child. Do I buy a double stroller? My daughter was three at that time. She was at that age that she wants to walk, but sometimes is still depending on the stroller to move her around. I looked around for options and eventually received a Quinny stroller with a toddler step. This was a great solution. Now my daughter can stand on the step if she is tired and I don't have to move around a double wide or double long stroller. We found a company that makes great toddler steps that fits most stroller.

The Englacha Rider Pony & Elephant is newly improved product from the Englacha company.
THREE different sizes of adaptor which can fit MOST of strollers, buggies and prams sold in the market.

We sold many off them already and the feedback is great. When ordered the item is shipped within 24 hours.
Please visit our website and see more products made by Englacha, such as strollers and matching diaper bags.



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