Monday, March 9, 2009

Disability Awareness: Are We There Yet?

I recently found out that March is disability awareness month and it made wonder if I am doing a great job teaching my 4 year old to except each and every person on this earth no matter what skin color or disability.

My mom did a great job with me and from early on always told me it doesn't matter how person looks from the outside we are all the same on the inside.She volunteered at a day camp for kids with down syndrome. When I was twelve we moved to Amsterdam ( I grew up in The Netherlands), which was the best thing ever. Talk about a diverse city, were you can just be you.

Now I live in a small town in Central Florida, where the population is predominantly Caucasian. There is nothing wrong with that, although I miss the diversity I saw in Amsterdam. I think creating awareness and acceptance isn't that hard, but it has to start with yourself. As a mom I believe in openness and honesty. Children are smarter then we think and I take every
opportunity to teach my child, for example we saw a preview on TV for Big World Little People. Those are great moments to take a minute with your child and explain that not everyone looks the same, but they are no different then me and you.

Overall I think I am on the right path. My daughter is a loving person and greets everyone with a smile and a open heart. I hope I can teach her to be that way all her life.

To learn more about the Disiblity Awarness month and disibilaties out there you can visit This website hosted by CVS is a great resource for information and also explains the great job CVS is doing by raising disability awarenss. CVS All Kids CanTM, a program of the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust and supported by CVS Caremark, is a five-year, $25 million commitment to making life easier for children with disabilities.



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