Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I love the BAMBAM baby products. We at Luna Baby Products are the only store in the USA that carries some items from this adorable baby products brand from The Netherlands. They used to have a store in a mall downtown Amsterdam and as a teenager I always had to stop by and look at all the lovely items and daydream about the day I had my own babies.

A baby is perfect in its simplicity. From that point of view Nicolette Meijer started her BAMBAM store in Amsterdam in 1992. With a great feeling for styling and fashion, she launched a whole new concept in baby world. The BAMBAM brand represents contemporary trends with a classical eye-wink for over 13 years now. BAMBAM offers all items for baby's from 0 to 1 and more. BAMBAM is familiar and yet refreshing as well; high-grade quality and surprisingly affordable at the same time.

My favorite item are the hats with little sayings, such as "Bad Hair Day" and "Drama Queen".



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