Monday, March 30, 2009

Squeeze free Juice Box Holders

I remember when my daughter was about 2 years old and wanted to drink from a juice box. Like big girls do! Well that did not last long because in no time the juice was all over her shirt.
When I was visiting a trade show in Orlando I ran into Whitney who designed a squeeze free juice box holder. I tried it out and I loved it. The designs are cute and fit both boys and girls.

  • The top and bottom "lock" together so kids can't take the juice drink out of the holder
  • The holder allows access for the straw in any corner for box drinks and in the center for pouch drinks
Fits nearly all box and pouch juice drinks
the following sizes of juice drink fit in the holder:
  • 6.75 oz tall juice box
  • 6.75 oz standard juice box
  • 4.23 oz small juice box
  • 6.75 oz juice pouch
It was one of those simple products that made my life so much easier. Try it out and I know you will love it too!



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