Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cuckoo clocks

If you think Cuckoo Clocks are old fashioned and not trendy at all you haven't seen the clocks from Heads Up Design yet. HeadsUp Design Company Inc. designs and supplies contemporary giftware.

They make awesome cuckoo clocks for kids ( they are also fun for adults). For example there is MooCoo clock.

"Hannah Holstein in the MooCoo Clock

"Mooo"! On the hour our friendly cow pops out of the doors with her greeting. The MooCoo cow clock comes in a green housing with a swinging purple pendulum."

Each clock comes with a light sensor, which is great. My daughter has the MeowCoo Clock and it does not wake her up throughout the night. She can't watch time yet, but we use the cat as an indicator to use the restroom and the end of "quiet time" in the afternoon.

Check out our online store and see what other great cuckoo clocks are out there!


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