Friday, March 13, 2009

Maui Play Care

Sometimes you just have to do something and you wish you could drop off the kids somewhere. There is now a daycare that does not require membership, reservations or costly dues. It is called Maui Play Care and yes it started in Hawaii.

They charge you by the hour and you decide how long you need to leave them there. They take children 2-8 years old, but are willing to accept older siblings if a younger sibling is also attending. Your child does not have to be potty trained, which is always a plus. They have all kinds of activities throughout the day, such as face painting, rock climbing a 8' X 10' feet screening wall and much more. Maui Play Care even provide snacks at snack time. You do have to bring a meal if they are attending the daycare during meal time.

Locations that are now open are: Kahului Hawaii, Scotzdale Arizona, and Oklahoma Oklahoma City. Locations that will open soon are Orlando Florida, and New Jersey East Orange.



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