Tuesday, September 22, 2009

“Where Is the Heart of Your Home?”

This question was asked by Twittermoms.
I wish I could say our heart of the home is in our large kitchen with bar or updated dining room with table that seats 8, but that is not happening. We live in a small (900 sq ft) house, which was fine when it was just my husband and me. No several years later with 2 kids it is a bit crowded. We have been planning an expansion for 4 years now, but one thing happens after the other and we are still not there.

So back to the question, if it is not the kitchen or dining room what room is it? Well that will be the living room. This is where we eat, watch TV, read, play with toys or play games on the WII. My baby boy's changing area is on top of the dresser in the living room. We also keep all his clothes, diapers and more in that same dresser. Our house might be small, but is filled with love and that is what matters.

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Sneaking Fruits & Veggies

My eye caught this contest on Twittermoms.

They question is how do you sneak in fruit and veggies. I have two great kids, who both will eat almost everything. My little one ate almost all blended baby food. He just is not keen on sweet peas. My daughter was the same. I blend fresh fruit with yogurt and oatmeal, which he loves. I also told my 4 year old daughter that when you mix up your veggies with the rest of the food it will all taste good. Fortunately she believes me and now is convinced that eating veggies is great.

We also are part of a community garden and I think that seeing all the vegetables grow and realize how much work is made her appreciate the vegetables even more!

Little Blends from Horizon and Twittermoms give away prizes to the first 100 bloggers. Visit Twittermoms for more info on the contest.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Silly Souls Bodysuit

We are always on the look out for new and trendy products. I love finding cool and funky clothes for my kids and was happily surprised when we got contacted by Silly Souls. They have an awesome collection of shoes, hats and bodysuits. We recently added some of their bodysuits to our collection of clothes. All bodysuits are 100% cotton, screen printed, machine washable/dryable and cuddly soft. Visit our store now and see the newest addition of Dancing Queen, Dude, Milk Junkie, Diva, The King and Rockette.

Match the bodysuit with shoes, bottle and baseball cap and have a whole outfit.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Storewide Sale at Luna Baby Products

It is time for a storewide sale at Luna Baby Products. We have added many new products over the summer and want to share the joy with our loyal fans and customers.

We now offer two different coupon codes. Pick which one suits your order the best.

Get $5.00 off every order with coupon code "summer"


get a 15% discount on the entire order with coupon code "luna"

So visit www.lunababyproducts.com and start shopping!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ABC KIDS tradeshow

Every year there is a great trade show in Las Vegas where many manufacturers of baby products launch there new line of products. It is called the ABC KIDS EXPO.

We at Luna Baby Products can't wait to see all the new products. We are anxiously awaiting the new strollers of Englacha and Baby Planet. Baby Planet had depleted their stock of strollers several months ago and they have been busy redesigning their stroller line. Englacha is coming out with an even better design of their stroller.

Also Bazzle Baby is launching a new design for there bibs.

We will keep you updated of all the new items coming out!


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