Friday, February 27, 2009

Top 5 tips for keeping your child healthy

I was on Twitter Moms and came across a contest held by
Wellesse. For every blogger that enters this contest, they win a free bottle of Liquid Vitamin D!

The question they have is:What are your top five tips for making sure your kids are getting the important vitamins and minerals they need for strong bones?

Here are my tips:
1. Play outside
This one is an easy one for my daughter, since we life in Florida and almost every day of the year the weather is great to play outside. Don't forget the sunscreen on those sunny days.

2. Breastfeed
I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month old successfully. This time it seems to go alright. He weighs 15 pounds and is 27 inches tall.

3. Try to let them eat locally grown food.
We are members of a CSA, which is a vegetable garden owned by a group of people. We are workers and work every Saturday morning in the garden and take home a bucket full of organically grown veggies every week. Sometimes you get a veggie you have never tried before, which is great.

4. Give them a vitamin supplement every day
I give my daughter a princess gummy every day. She thinks it's a treat, but I know it is good for her.

5. Give them Milk fortified with Vitamin D
I always buy the milk with vitamin D (the one with the red top. This is an easy way to add more vitamin D to your diet.

My Grandma

Lately I have been thinking about all the great people who I met and learned from throughout my life. It must have something to do with the birth of my second child. I also saw an add for a new CVS contest about caregivers. You can check out the link

The greatest influence in my life has always been my grandmother. Since I was little she was my support. She was there when I needed her always. Unfortunately she died two years ago, but she is always with me in whatever I do. The last years of her life where not easy. My uncle got diagnosed with skin cancer and was told he only had 6 months to life. He managed to life for a year and then his body gave up. My grandmother always looked brave and strong, but come to find out when she was alone she was scared, sad and angry. No one should loose a child, but to loose your child when you are 83 years old feels unfair. After his dead she stayed strong to support the family and my dad.

Two years later her body gave up. I remember I would talked to her on the phone several times and she told me she spend a couple of days in the hospital. She always told me after the fact, so I didn't have to worry. The last time she got hospitalized was initially for fluid in her lungs, but we quickly noticed this was the end. The doctor's finally confessed that my grandmother had heart and lung problems for awhile, but she never told any one in the family. She didn't want to burden anyone. She never worried about herself, only about others. She had a friend who lived in the same building as she did and he was the only one who new what was going on. He was her strength when she couldn't get out of bed or when she needed soeone to lean on. I tell people when they ask about my grandmother 's dead that she died from a broken heart and is the real truth.

All her wisdom and advice are with me every day. My daughter met her great grandmother when she was 1,5 years old for the last time, but I will make sure she knows her for the rest of her life.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Banz Sunglasses

With Spring being around the corner and sunny days on the way, it is time to think of sun protection. We life in Florida so sun protection should be always on my mind. Not that I always think of it. Last Wednesday we spend all day at Magic Kingdom and it did not even dawn on me to put sunscreen on my kids until we were home and I noticed my 4 year old had burned her neckline.

At Luna Baby Store we just received a shipment of Baby Banz Sunglasses. These sunglasses are awesome.Baby Banz were originally designed in Australia for one of the world's toughest UV environments.


  • Lenses 100% UVA/ UVB protection
  • Category 3 lenses offer high sunglare reduction and good UV protection
  • Durable polycarbonate Ophthalmic quality
  • Capable of being replaced with prescription lenses
  • Neoprene elastic strap matches chosen color of sunglasses and allows for flexibility, breathability, and comfort
  • Side adjustable Velcro® allows for years of wear as the child grows
  • Frame is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate
  • Sporty, sleek design
Right now we have the following colors in stock:
Caribbean Blue, Blue, Pink, Pink Diva

Visit for more info

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nomie Car seat cover

As a mom of two I often look at the inside of the car and the car seats and think "what happened?".
Once in a while I attack the car with two bags. One bag for items that are trash, the other bag for items that do not belong in the car. Then there is always the issue of the car seat. You can vacuum out the crumbs, but we all know it is hard to get the stains out. Some fabrics you are not allowed to wash, others take a magician to take apart and forget about putting it back together after you wash it.
When I got pregnant of my second child I looked for a new cover for my infant seat. The once I found were expensive and seemed difficult to put on. Now we found the solution.
The Nomie infant car seat cover. It is easy affordable and comfortable.

The nomie babyTM car seat cover is an easily removable, waterproof cover for your infant or toddler/convertible car seat. The nomie babyTM has elastic edges allowing it to fit most standard car seats, such as the Britax Roundabout and Graco brands. The Velcro opens add to the ease of installing the cover. The nomie babyTM slips over the existing cover without having to remove it from the car, or struggling to disassemble the straps. Simply open the Velcro, pull the straps thru, and close the Velcro around them.

The nomie babyTM is made of 3 separate fabrics put together to give your child the most comfort while at the same time protecting your car seat. A cozy soft fabric sits against your child, a padded layer allows for absorption, and finally a third layer which is treated with a waterproof barrier keeps your car seat protected. The 3 fabrics have been quilted, so the padding won't clump in one area after machine washing. When the nomie babyTM cover gets dirty, and it will, simply take it off your car seat, throw it in the washing machine then dryer, and slip it back over your car seat!

The cover comes in three color options: lime, pink, blue and white. You can buy at

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Diaper Choice

Now a days there are great options for reusable diapers. Brands like Bumkins make it cool and funky to have reusable diapers. We carry the fitted cloth diapers form Milano.Photobucket
Baby Milano’s Fitted Cloth Diapers not only have a super trim fit, they also have a super absorbent core. The diapers are made with 100% cotton, double fleece and an ultra thin absorbent core which gives the diaper a trim fit.

The adjustable hook and loop closure enables a snug fit around the tummy and legs. The elastic around the legs not only helps with the fit around the legs, but it also contains the messes.

The diaper’s unique core is composed of 4 layers of super absorbent, yet ultra thin fabric that is made from our special blend of viscose and polyester. For durability and comfort, the outer layer is made of 220 GSM cotton.

The inner layer is made of a soft double fleece, which helps wick the moisture away from the baby’s skin and helps to keep the baby dry and comfortable. The diapers also have a soft cotton binding around the legs and back to protect the baby’s delicate skin and to cup diaper messes.

Five Tips for Diaper Use - Disposable vs Reusable

Choosing the right type of diaper for your baby is a personal decision. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice for your family:

1. It is easier to determine when a reusable cloth diaper is wet.

2. Babies using reusable cloth diapers tend to have less diaper rash.

3. Today's reusable cloth diapers have snaps and Velcro fasteners and pleasing patterns for baby.

4. As far as the environment goes, disposable diapers generate a lot more garbage, while the washing and drying of reusable cloth diapers generates the use of electricity.

5. With either type, have wipes or a clean washcloth, diaper ointment and a changing pad all ready for the diaper change.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms Network

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Help with The cold

Well it is that time again. I am having a severe cold. Not really something you want to haven when you have two young children and run a business from home.So I found this article, which had some good stuff.

During the winter months, many of us spend more time inside with the heat on. Indoor heating and low humidity create the perfect environment for cold and flu viruses to multiply. How can you protect yourself from catching those viruses and stay healthy during this time of year?

Holistic Medicine: Why We Must Exercise the Immune System

It may seem strange for a naturopathic doctor to say, but getting sick isn’t always a bad thing. Our immune system benefits from the occasional cold or flu, as it challenges and reminds our white blood cells and other immune fighters to do their job. Think of a mild cold as a fire drill for your immune system, that way if a real fire comes along, the body is ready. That being said, if you find you are susceptible to every little bug and are constantly sniffling and coughing through the winter months, a little prevention can go a long way.

Naturopathic Remedies to Avoid the Winter Blues!

Minimize Exposure

One of the best ways to prevent getting a cold or flu isn’t a holistic therapy, just good, old fashioned hand washing. This doesn’t mean running your hands under water for a few seconds. Use warm water, plenty of soap, and really rub your hands together vigorously for up to a minute to eliminate most germs. Also, avoid touching your face throughout the day; viruses often enter our body through our eyes, nose, and mouth.

Strengthen your Immune System

If you feel like you’re coming down with something, there are steps you can take to minimize the duration and severity of the illness.

1. Get enough sleep and minimize stress as much as possible. Your body cannot heal without adequate rest. Exercise, yoga, and meditation can all reduce the effects that stress has on the body.

2. Eat a healthy diet, with plenty of vegetables, good fats (see previous articles for details), whole grains, and lean protein. Some special immune boosting foods include garlic, onions, and brightly colored vegetables.

3. Stay away from SUGAR—one teaspoon of sugar has been shown to depress the immune system for up to four hours. So when you’re feeling run down, avoid as much processed sugar as you can—including sodas, white bread, refined pasta, and even fruit juice. One common mistake people make is to drink lots of orange juice when feeling sick. The high amount of sugar in the OJ, however, counteracts the benefits from the Vitamin C. There are much better ways to get Vitamin C without all the sugar (see below for details).

Holistic Healing and the Power of Supplements

If, despite your best efforts, you still get sick more than ever, listen to your body. Rest, sleep, and take care of yourself. Take a sick day—for you and for the sake of your co-workers. Supplements that can help include:

Vitamin C: When your body is sick, you can often take more Vitamin C that you usually would. We do recommend you get Vitamin C from a supplement when you are sick instead of from overdosing on orange juice!

Zinc: This mineral can help jumpstart the healing powers of your immune system.

Herbal Medicine: Echinacea is the most famous, but there are many herbs that have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Homeopathy Remedies: A well-chosen homeopathic remedy is often the difference between sufferings for weeks versus moving quickly through a cold


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