Friday, February 27, 2009

Top 5 tips for keeping your child healthy

I was on Twitter Moms and came across a contest held by
Wellesse. For every blogger that enters this contest, they win a free bottle of Liquid Vitamin D!

The question they have is:What are your top five tips for making sure your kids are getting the important vitamins and minerals they need for strong bones?

Here are my tips:
1. Play outside
This one is an easy one for my daughter, since we life in Florida and almost every day of the year the weather is great to play outside. Don't forget the sunscreen on those sunny days.

2. Breastfeed
I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month old successfully. This time it seems to go alright. He weighs 15 pounds and is 27 inches tall.

3. Try to let them eat locally grown food.
We are members of a CSA, which is a vegetable garden owned by a group of people. We are workers and work every Saturday morning in the garden and take home a bucket full of organically grown veggies every week. Sometimes you get a veggie you have never tried before, which is great.

4. Give them a vitamin supplement every day
I give my daughter a princess gummy every day. She thinks it's a treat, but I know it is good for her.

5. Give them Milk fortified with Vitamin D
I always buy the milk with vitamin D (the one with the red top. This is an easy way to add more vitamin D to your diet.



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