Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nomie Car seat cover

As a mom of two I often look at the inside of the car and the car seats and think "what happened?".
Once in a while I attack the car with two bags. One bag for items that are trash, the other bag for items that do not belong in the car. Then there is always the issue of the car seat. You can vacuum out the crumbs, but we all know it is hard to get the stains out. Some fabrics you are not allowed to wash, others take a magician to take apart and forget about putting it back together after you wash it.
When I got pregnant of my second child I looked for a new cover for my infant seat. The once I found were expensive and seemed difficult to put on. Now we found the solution.
The Nomie infant car seat cover. It is easy affordable and comfortable.

The nomie babyTM car seat cover is an easily removable, waterproof cover for your infant or toddler/convertible car seat. The nomie babyTM has elastic edges allowing it to fit most standard car seats, such as the Britax Roundabout and Graco brands. The Velcro opens add to the ease of installing the cover. The nomie babyTM slips over the existing cover without having to remove it from the car, or struggling to disassemble the straps. Simply open the Velcro, pull the straps thru, and close the Velcro around them.

The nomie babyTM is made of 3 separate fabrics put together to give your child the most comfort while at the same time protecting your car seat. A cozy soft fabric sits against your child, a padded layer allows for absorption, and finally a third layer which is treated with a waterproof barrier keeps your car seat protected. The 3 fabrics have been quilted, so the padding won't clump in one area after machine washing. When the nomie babyTM cover gets dirty, and it will, simply take it off your car seat, throw it in the washing machine then dryer, and slip it back over your car seat!

The cover comes in three color options: lime, pink, blue and white. You can buy at

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