Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zippies, pals that hang around!

We recently added this new product to our website. My daughter loved it from the moment she lay her eyes on it. These great ID tags are fun and funky and you can use them for all kinds of purposes.

Zippies ID tags are the newest multi functional product on the market. Each Zippie is made of soft durable rubber and is adjustable to all size bottles and can be clipped onto anything, anywhere. They stop the spread of germs and provide CHILD/ ID and security. This limited edition product is a sure hit for all ages!

Here are some ideas how to use them:
* Luggage tag
* water bottle identification
* Keychain
* on your belt Loop
* Back Bag
* Necklace

There are 10 different ones, so it is great to collect. Each Zippiehas it's own personality.

Choose from Bruno, Kayla, Tazmo, Flops, Faina, Wally, Chip , Paco, Edge and Ranger.

Collect them all at Luna Baby Products



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