Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kid friendly NY

I love New York City and have visit the city numerous times. The last two times I was in the city I traveled with young kids. Some might think a big city is not for kids. I must disagree. I believe NY is great with and for kids. The constant energy and the many things you can do with the kids is amazing, but sometimes it is hard to find your way to the nearest playground or that kid friendly restaurant that is also known for quality food. Now there is an App for that. The new iPhone app called Ikidny has all the answer at your finger tips. It locates all the places you need when roaming through the city with kids, such as the nearest restroom with a changing table or that playground you need because your kid needs to run around for awhile. The App only costs $2.99 and they plan to create more apps for other cities. I know I will get this one the next time I will visit New York City.



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