Thursday, November 12, 2009

How not to hide Christmas presents

I have been steadily collecting presents for Christmas. Having the opportunity to buy things is not the problem. Getting them in the house is another story. I have bags hiding everywhere. I had the opportunity to get some groceries without Luna and found a Princess Barbie Doll for a great price. I left it unwrapped in the trunk.

This morning i loaded the recycling bin into the trunk and did not think of the Barbie. While I was getting the last stuff from the house Luna had found the Barbie. She was holding it triumphantly in the air and had a big smile on her face. I explained she was not suppose to find the Barbie.

Her answer " That's alright mom I already forgot about it and I will just think I want a truck and not a Barbie." Well that's easier said then done. The whole day she is asking about that present she is not suppose to ask about. According to her she is not asking, but just reminding me.

I hope I do better with the other presents this year!



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