Friday, July 24, 2009

Will I ever go to the movies again?

Why i even tried today, I don't know. Somehow I still had the belief going to movies with a 9 month old and a 4 yr old was going to work out. I should have seen the signs. My daughter wasn't feeling well this morning and Jae refused to take his nap and didn't my husband tell me 3 times to go see G force.

But no, I wanted to see Harry Potter (all 2.5 hours of it)and my daughter said she wanted to see it as well. I picked the 1230 showing at the small theater in downtown Saint Cloud. Thinking who is going to the movies on Friday that early. Well let me tell you a bunch of people happened to be thinking the same. My plan was that Luna would sit still and enjoy her drink and popcorn and Jae would eventually fall asleep and we could watch movie in peace. Was I wrong.....

Luna didn't sit for one minute and thought it would be great to swing from one to chair to the another and lie down on the floor. Jae had two poop diapers and that nap never happened. I must have fed him a half jar of baby puffs just to try to keep him quiet. After two hours of getting up and back down, trying to sooth Jae and quietly telling Luna please to behave and sit still in her chair I gave up. Not to mention the ladies behind asked me to leave the room since Jae started to cry. I really couldn't blame them for asking.

Neath less to say I never saw the end of the movie. I think I am 20 minutes short. Now we just have to wait to it comes out on DVD. Movie nights at home are more cheaper and more relaxed anyway.

Now I still need to take Luna on a Girl's night out to see G Force. At least I have only one child to worry about.



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