Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Between Friends

We all know how expensive kids clothes and items can be. Especially for the little ones, you can't live without that bouncy seat, swing, jumper, stroller, car seat and then all the clothes. It seems that you need a different size every month. Now there is a place to pick up quality gentle used items for a small rice. It is called the "Just Between Friends Consignment Sale".

No need to shop overpriced malls and department stores! No more garage sales, no more hit and miss at consignment stores! We put it all under one roof! Once you discover Just Between Friends, it will be an event that you will never miss again!

They have them all over the country. The closest one to my location is the Central Florida one, which is upcoming weekend. You can also drop items off to consign. I have a bunch load of baby clothes that i am going t drop off. They have a great tagging system. You enter all you products online and it print out tags with barcode for each item. As soon as your item sells it will show up in your account. Get hooked and find the nearest JBF sale at
At the end of the sale they send you a check. It as easy as can be. You will earn 65% of the sell price, but if you volunteer or barter you can receive 70% of the sell price.



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