Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby Sling

A lot is said about baby slings There are many sorts on the market. I love to carry my baby in a sling or carrier( I have both). There is nothing more soothing then carry your baby close to you.
On our site we now carry the Organic Hemp Slings from Pretty Momma Sling. These are beautiful slings made by Patrice.

Patrice did not like the sling she had for her baby, but did recognized the comfort and ease for her child. She created her own sling. Her goal was to sell baby slings that moms would be comfortable wearing for extended periods of time, and they would be made with pretty, eye-catching fabrics. Now, after several years in business, she can say that she has, and is, accomplishing that goal with each and every sling that is made.

The sling we sell are made out of Hemp. Hemp is a durable, breathable comfortable fabric similar to linen but softer and machine washable, UV resistant, anti-microbial, and stain and odor resistant. These slings will get softer every time you wash them.

Another great feature of a slings that you can wear them many different ways.
You will get many uses from your Pretty Momma Sling. Some ways to use your new sling are:
1 – Snuggle Hold – Baby is tummy-to-tummy with you.
2 – Nursing Hold/Cradle Hold – Baby is perpendicular to your tummy.
3 – Hip Hold – Baby straddles you hip.
4 – Kangaroo Hold – Baby’s back is to your tummy.
5 – Piggy Back Hold – Baby’s tummy is up against your back.
6 – A shopping cart harness – Put the child in the seat of the shopping cart, put the sling around their tummy and through the slots of the shopping cart and tie.
7 – Drool rag – The tail of the sling can be used as a drool cloth.
8 – Wind/sun shield – The tail of the sling can be used to cover baby’s upper and lower body.

Overall a sling is a great way to bond with your baby and still have your hands free to try to accomplish some of those every day tasks.



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